DeWitt Citizen, Cora Lee Joyner, To Turn 104 Years Old

June 27, 2024

Longtime resident Cora Joyner will turn 104 on July 6, 2024, and the family asks for continued prayers and a bit Happy Birthday shout out to mark the special occasion.

Joyner’s daughter, Gwen Joyner Duncan wrote,

“Friends and Family,

We the family of mother Cora Lee Joyner, who will be turning 104 years old on July 6th 2024, wishes to thank each and every one for all the cards, Happy B-Day wishes, monetary gifts, and phone calls over the many years of birthday parties that began in 1988. We the family thank God for you, and we thank God for the long life He has given to our Mother. We have had to juggle many things to accommodate the needs of our Mother and we would not trade anything for that.

It was only up until about three years ago that Mom’s health began to fail and so we made a decision to pass the torch to the grandchildren who has done a wonderful job keeping the family together. One of the main activities on their agenda is Volley Ball, where the winner of the two teams takes home a large trophy in honor of our Mother and Father, Cora and Arthur Joyner.

Mother Cora has heard many stories, told many stories, seen many things, and worked hard in her life. But most of all she has lived a blessed life around many people she loves and many who loves her.

So, this year all the family asks for is your continued prayers and a great big Happy Birthday shout out for Mother Cora Lee Joyner. And we thank each and every one of you in advance. Mark your calendar, 7-6-2024. Ephesians 6: 1-24

Thanks so very much,

Gwen Joyner Duncan and Family”

Editor’s note: Five years ago, I sat down with Joyner in her home and did an interview. One of the things she stated when I asked if there was anything she wanted to share with others who wanted to live as long as she has, was, “Work hard, live a good life, and don’t do bad things.”