Bill's Corner of the World

June 12, 2024

Hi everyone! Well, I had a wonderful time at my family reunion. Right off the gate, my cousin called me and said they were running late and wouldn't get to the spot I was supposed to watch them. I am already halfway there. I thought about it and I said I am going to have to either go back, then come right back or try to find them on my own. I decided to find the place of my reunion on my own/ in the middle of nowhere.

I began my journey and asked God to help me. I drove down rough gravel roads and then I ran over dirt roads and felt like I was in a country song. I kept driving. I knew it was on a dirt road and I also knew that I turned on one. So, I went on down this road that I had turned on and felt like I was lost when I didn't recognize the road. I had been here before, but I always followed someone and remember I am ADHD and a cancer patient. So, I was lost. I was almost panicking, when I saw three people heading my way on a four-wheeler.

I poked my head out the window and asked them if they knew where the Austin Reunion was. Just as I was doing this, I recognized my second cousin, Ritchie, my Uncle JR's grandson. He recognized me and hollered out my name "Bill." The other two had no idea and I yelled "Ritchie." He said, follow him back to the campsite, so I turned around and found the campsite. The people at the reunion, when I got there weren't many there and the ones who were there were cooking and firing up the grills so we could have broil flaming meat. Oh Man, that food was so good. Anyway, they were teasing me about getting lost and told me I was heading to the Sandbar. I have no idea I was heading there and probably won't ever find out one way or the other. One thing I do know is I was lost and I was found, that is all I do know. End of Story!!! Till Next Time!!!