Grand Prairie Quilt Society Meets

March 20, 2024

The Grand Prairie Quilt Society met 3/14/24/ at First Christian Church, Stuttgart, Fellowship Hall with 7 members present. Shelley opened the meeting with the "Thought for the Day," A sign on the sewing room...."You are entering a quilting zone. This is not clutter—this is creating. These are NOT pajamas—they are my work uniform.." The February minutes and treasurer's report were given.

Old Business: several members brought their red, yellow, and blue squares for the childrens' quilts. During the afternoon session, these will be laid out and arranged into blocks.

Shelley also had a book of vintage quilt patterns from the Kansas City Star newspaper that have been compiled by a lady in Little Rock. We all enjoyed looking at all of the old patterns.

Everyone was reminded to attend the Arts Festival this weekend at the Grand Prairie Center.

Show and Share:

Maeola had two quilts she is finishing. They were quilted by Joyce Dempsey: A floral embroidered quilt and a Teapot quilt.

Marsha had a prayer quilt.

After lunch everyone got busy on their projects....Shelley worked on assembling the red, blue, and yellow squares into blocks, Lou Anna pressed and cut some blocks, Marsha started work on another prayer quilt, Maeola cut out blocks.

The next meeting will be April 10 at the church....

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