St. Luke Carries on the Tradition for 63 Years During Annual Spaghetti Supper

by Charlotte Purdy

In 1961 the members of St. Luke Lutheran Church held the 1st Annual Spaghetti Supper at the Memorial Building located just off the Court Square. In a candlelight setting, guests were seated and served by the men of the church and the tradition has carried on after all these years.

In 1965 the church moved to its current location and over the years only a few changes have been made to the annual event. One thing has remained the same throughout the years. The event is still strong with church family involvement, with four generations participating at times, and the passion for the reason runs deep in the hearts of the church’s family members.

Pre COVID, the event was a dine-in or drive-thru occasion that’s held each January. When it began in 1961, the women cooked the spaghetti, the men served, and the youth cleared the tables after each of the guests departed. Over the last decade, that changed when the men began cooking outside in large pots. With the restrictions that took place during COVID, and for the health and safety of the community, the church ultimately made the decision to turn the event into a drive-thru only event.

If you never had the opportunity to attend the dine-in times, you truly missed out. Each table was covered with red checkered fabric and until the last year of dine-in, that same fabric was used every year. Candles lit up the room giving it a fantastic ambiance that was warm and welcoming to all who dined in. The candles, tablecloths, music, and overall setting was simply romantic!

Spaghetti can sometimes become messy, especially when it’s as good as what is served during the annual event. To help attendees keep the savory sauce off their clothes, the youth of the church began making bibs for everyone to wear, and that tradition continued each year! The artwork on each bib was original and each one was different from the other. Some had pretty flowers and others had silly names, sayings, but each bib was thoughtfully planned out and ready when attendees arrived.

It was something that you don’t see here in Arkansas County. The room just had a feeling of love and care and everyone who attended just had the absolute best time and of course, the best spaghetti, garlic bread and salads, followed by divine desserts!

Although COVID ended the dine-in experience, the love, care, and thought continues to be poured into the event by the church members and they continue to offer exceptional plates of hot and fresh spaghetti to all who make their way through the drive-thru. It’s not just any spaghetti. The sauce is a secret recipe that’s been used for years and it’s what keeps people coming back each year!

Be sure to contact any church member to get your ticket, and if you can’t get to them in time, drive on through and pick up a plate or two! You won’t regret it and you’ll be looking forward to next year’s event!

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