Brichacek Wins 2023 World’s Championship

December 06, 2023

Courtesy of World’s Championship Duck Calling Contest & Wings Over the Prairie Festival

Photos Courtesy of Holmes Media LLC

The 88th annual World’s Championship Duck Calling Contest culminated with Nick Brichacek of Schuyler, Nebraska taking the title on Saturday, November 25, 2023. The competition was fierce, but Brichacek blew his way through and came out on the top.

Throughout the event, many callers gave it their best in the various divisions. Winners throughout the annual event were:

2023 World’s Championship: Winner – Nick Brichacek; 1st Runner Up – Phil Green; 2nd Runner Up – Seth Fields; 3rd Runner Up – Jonathan Martin; 4th Runner Up – Hunter Lawrence; 5th Runner Up – Rob Bevins; 6th Runner Up – Domingo Sanchez; 7th Runner Up – Forrest Carpenter; 8th Runner Up – Daniel Duke; 9th Runner Up – Cody Palen; 10th Runner Up – Haiden Richard

Junior World: Winner – Hayes Kibe; 1st Runner Up – Nathanael Heibner; 2nd Runner Up – Corbin Rogers; 3rd Runner Up – Cash Turner

Women’s World: Winner – Madison Lawrence; 1st Runner Up – Magen Sojourner; 2nd Runner Up – Curstin Rutledge; 3rd Runner Up – Payton Wottowa

Senior World: Winner – Terry Harris; 1st Runner Up – Johnny Mahfouz; 2nd Runner Up – Kent Cullum; 3rd Runner Up – Steve Elmore

Chick and Sophie Major: Winner – Ross Atkinson

Novice Regional: Winner – Alex Gilingham; 1st Runner Up – Logan Heibner; 2nd Runner Up – Seth Rousell; 3rd Runner Up – Madison Heflin

Intermediate World: Winner – Grant McDougald; 1st Runner Up – Logan Heibner; 2nd Runner Up – Alden Pugh; 3rd Runner Up – Ben Christian

Last Chance Regional: Winner – Grant McDougald; 1st Runner Up – David St. John; 2nd Runner Up – Brent Calhoun; 3rd Runner Up – Slayton Gearin

Beginner Girl: 1st Place – Erin Dabbs; 2nd Place – Mary Pyper Thompson; 3rd Place – Marlee Spellmeyer

Beginner Boy: 1st Place – Reed Spellmeyer; 2nd Place – Wyatt Jones; 3rd Place – Brandt Dickson

Intermediate Girl: 1st Place – Eva Caver; 2nd Place – Clara Oltmann; 3rd Place – Mary Jack Helms

Intermediate Boy: 1st Place – Kyle George; 2nd Place – Winn Scherm; 3rd Place – Barrett Henderson

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