Morant Awarded with American Legion Auxiliary Youth Hero Award

November 08, 2023

Stuttgart High School senior, Jeremy Morant, was recently awarded the American Legion Auxiliary Youth Hero Award through Daniel Harder Unit 48 in Stuttgart, AR.

Morant noticed that a fellow classmate was choking and he sprang into action to perform a lifesaving act. His act of heroism resulted in the Children & Youth Chairman at Unit 48 nominating him for this well-deserved award.

The Youth Hero Award is presented to youth under the age of 18 who perform a physical act of valor. Winners of the Youth Hero Award receive a medal and a certificate and “May be a Junior Auxiliary member or someone eligible for membership, but eligibility is not a criterion for consideration; demonstrates a physical act of valor (Heimlich, CPR, first aid, rescuing from fire or water peril); serves as an inspirational role model for the organization and the community.”