Bill's Corner of the World

by Bill Shrum

Hi Everyone, well we are approaching the middle of October, which brings pumpkin spice, pumpkin pies, and Halloween. October also brings beautiful landscape with the leaves turning into multiple orange, red, and brown colors. The landscape is pretty everywhere, especially up North and in the Arkansas hills.

October, of course, brings Homecoming to football games, whether they are college teams or high school teams. Everyone enjoys these times, with the girls all dressed up and the Homecoming Queen presiding over the festivities. This year, what about those Dragons, aren't they doing good? That's the talk all over Dragon Country.

Then, there's Halloween. This is the time to dress up and be someone else. This was my favorite thing to do. I loved to dress up and still do, even at my age. I keep a hat box at home and my fashion box, that's what I call it. Through the years, when I find something I like and especially if it is on the discount bin, I am right on it.

Halloween also brings candy to the children. In recent years, church parties, home parties, and school parties have taken the place of house-to-house Trick-or-Treating. There are a number of reasons, the 9-11 tragedy, trick-or-treating to houses decreasing over the year and the economy, candy being expensive.

Now, when I was a child, many many moons ago, my brother and I went all over town and yes, we got plenty of candy. Some of you remember those days. Those were fun times and we went afraid on that night, too many other kids. Til Next Time!!!