Pastor Troy's Column

September 13, 2023

"He delivers me from my enemies. You also lift me up above those who rise against me." Psalm 18:48

Just a few short years ago I was the designated “horsey ride.” Three boys, all fairly close in age, and one of them always wanted to ride on my shoulders.

At Christmas parades I’d always feel a tug from one of them with pleading eyes and voices that would say, “Daddy, I can’t see.” I’d hoist them up. Sometimes two at a time.

When we’d go to a ballgame or a movie and the crowd let out, one of them always wanted a “horsey ride” so they could see above the crowd.

When we’d have family get-togethers, all of my nieces thought I gave the best “horsey rides.” I’d jump and move back and forth and listen to them squeal with laughter. They would always scream out with laughter, “MORE, UNCLE TIO! MORE!” And. I’d do more.

My back hurt, my feet would be killing me and I’d be physically exhausted but I could never say no to a “horsey ride.”

Then a funny thing happened. They all grew up.

Now I’m the shortest boy in the family. I have to look up to see my sons’ eyes. And I can barely carry the weight of my shirt without groaning and can’t imagine swinging around 50 pounds on my shoulders. But that doesn’t mean I still can’t give “horsey rides.” Just in a different way.

We all have people in our lives who need to be lifted up. A kind word. A simple note or text. A loving call just to tell them they’re special. All of these things lift a person’s spirit. Often in ways we can never imagine. We can all be a horsey for someone. All we have to do is try.

Let us pray.

Dear Lord. We look to you God, because, on our own, we are tempted to be just the opposite of what You need us to be. Empower us with your Spirit today and always. Help us to be a blessing to those who need a blessing in their lives. In Christ’s name we pray. AMEN.

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