Letter to the Editor

July 28, 2023

On July 7th, 2023, I will submit a NOTICE of RECALL of Ward 1 Alderman Eugene Robinson to Arkansas County Clerk Melissa Wood's Northern Division Office in Stuttgart. 

Alderman Robinson has been in Office for over Six months and has been a monumental failure. 

Alderman Eugene Robinson fails to comprehend that he doesn't work for the Mayor, he works for the people of Ward 1 and as a constituent of Alderman Robinson I have seen and heard enough. 

Alderman Robinson has failed his constituents of Ward 1 so we're ready to hit the ground running as soon as we find out how many signatures, we need to sign the petition to kick Alderman Eugene Robinson out of office. 

The letter submitted to County Clerk Wood:

Notice of Intent to Recall

The people of the city of Stuttgart more specifically the constituents of Ward 1 in the city of Stuttgart, Arkansas have raised concerns over the competence and performance of the Alderman for Ward 1 position 1 in the city of Stuttgart Mr. Eugene Robinson.

From my personal experience as a constituent of Ward 1 Mr. Robinson is lax, as he seems to either fall asleep or be totally uninvolved during council meetings or to further expound has exhibited incompetence in the elected position of Alderman.

Mr. Eugene Robinson has never had any input nor responded to any proposals and his presence is a hindrance to the progress in our ward and the city of Stuttgart.

Stuttgart has many pressing issues such as crime city services that need addressing and we not only deserve an active representative for our ward, we deserve a proactive representative for Ward 1 who will represent the best interests of the voters/constituents of Ward 1.


To the County Clerk in the County of Arkansas in the State of Arkansas

Alderman Ward 1 in the City of Stuttgart Mr. Eugene Robinson Is the subject of the recall petition.

We, the undersigned qualified electors of the City of Stuttgart, Ward 1

Respectfully order that Eugene Robinson be referred to the people of Stuttgart Arkansas, specifically Ward 1 in the City of Stuttgart Arkansas to the end that the recall of the elected official may be approved or rejected by the vote of the qualified electors at an election to be held at a date and time proscribed by the County Clerk.

And each of us for himself or herself says: I have personally signed this petition; I am a qualified elector of the State of Arkansas, County of Arkansas, City of Stuttgart, specifically, Ward 1 in the city of Stuttgart and my printed name, date of birth, residence, and date of signing this petition are written after my signature.

Printed Name, Signature, Address of Residence.




Respectfully Submitted

Robert Chambers

Constituent Ward 1