62nd Annual Spaghetti Supper a Success

by Charlotte Purdy

When COVID first arrived in Arkansas County, it changed the way that many fundraisers were held. Many events were cancelled, but others found ways to continue hosting their fundraising events despite the pandemic. One of those being the Annual St. Luke’s Lutheran Spaghetti Supper held each January.

The event began in the early 60’s when the wife of a St. Luke’s member presented the idea as a means to raise needed monies for the upkeep and expansion of the church. The event began as a dine-in dinner under candle light, providing an atmosphere that was well-liked by all who attended. Those who attended the dine-in supper were presented with handmade paper bibs to help prevent any of the secret sauce from landing on their clothes. Church members and families then helped the attendees to their seats, seating them at a table that was covered in a red checkered tablecloth and lit with candles being held by old wine bottles. The event became one of the ones that community members always looked forward to and generations upon generations have continued to support it over the past 62 years.

Although COVID put a halt to the dine-in experience, it has not stopped the community from driving up in the drive-thru to get their plates of the savory spaghetti, warm garlic bread, crisp salad, and delectable dessert. Vehicles lined up during this year’s event held on Saturday, January 28, 2023, and waited as the freshly cooked pasta plates were delivered to their windows. While they waited, they enjoyed visiting with the church members and families who were delivering the meals. The drizzling rain did not stop people from showing their support for the annual event!

One attendee pulled over in the parking lot after receiving his plate and ate in his truck because he just couldn’t wait until he got home! He knew that the spaghetti was cooked to perfection so he enjoyed it right there on the spot.

“We appreciate all attendees for supporting our annual church fundraiser,” said Pastor Chad Philipp.