Horton Family Christmas

February 01, 2023

Submitted by Nancy Posey

On Saturday, January 7, the descendants of Mack and Susie Horton gathered at the homeplace in Ethel for a family Christmas gathering. Cindy Noble Koch, daughter of Philip and Sue Noble, hosted the event. Everyone loved the old-fashioned, tinsel-covered cedar tree and all the other beautiful decorations she placed in and around the house. A bountiful potluck of all the traditional family favorites was served—a seemingly endless array of delicious dishes to enjoy.

The weather cooperated, allowing the children (and adults) to play outside, roam around the property and share both new and old experiences. The swing hanging from the huge sweetgum tree was a favorite of the little ones.

Mack and Susie were married in March of 1922 and moved into the one-room house later that year. They gradually added five more rooms, and a front and back porch. Years later they converted part of the back porch into a bathroom. They raised 13 children there, maintained the farm, grew several vegetable gardens, raised chickens and hogs, and at one time had a “vicious” turkey gobbler. The house still stands after 100-plus years and is still “home” to their children, grandchildren, and “greats”. This would not have been possible if not for the efforts of Philip and Sue Noble, Keith Noble, and Cindy Noble Koch. The Horton family is indebted to them for their hard work and diligence in keeping the house a true “homeplace”, enabling Mack and Susie’s descendants to still be able to “go home” again.

Those attending were Philip, Sue, and Keith Noble, Greg, Cindy, and Taylor Koch, Linda and Tony Cummings, Suzanna Horton, Porter, Samantha, Magnolia, and Shyanne Parr, Nancy, Alan, and Wiley Posey, Chelsea Logan, Judy DePriest, Stacy LeBlanc, Leah, Hallie, and Carlee Sherman, Jimmy, Steve, and Lisa Horton, Wanda Horton, Keith, Krystal, and Jake Watson, Elizabeth and Devin Eason, Kenneth Watson, Mary Eddleman, Sue Mason, Becky Moore, Max Horton, Jerry, Greg and Landon Horton, Ricky Horton, and Kim and Mary Dyson.