“Pilgrim Reflections” -“How Desperate Are We?”

October 27, 2022

That’s the question God’s asking us right now:

“How desperate are you?”

At first, you may think He’s asking how desperate we are to see things return to “normal,” i.e., the way they used to be, where we never heard of global warming. . . weren’t living in fear of terrorist attacks (internationally and domestically). . .where there’s plenty to eat and “an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work” was everyone’s work ethic.

But, I hate to tell you: those days are gone forever!

Yes, those days when men opened car doors for women (without being considered sexist or chauvinistic) are gone; so, are the days when children were taught to be seen, but not heard—and you could leave your keys in the car and the backdoor unlocked at night.

Yes, those days are gone—and the sooner we accept that, the better.

But, even then, there’s a rising sense of desperation and despair right now all over the world. We feel it inside of it. We see it in our families, our churches, businesses, government offices, etc.

Yet, we try to suppress those feelings and noises in our hearts by staying busy: rushing here-and-there, pursuing those things that don’t matter and pretending all’s well—when, deep down inside we know it isn’t.

And, that’s where the problem lies: our avoidance, denial and self-deceit.

Yes, we know things aren’t right and the Perfect Storm is brewing on the horizon. We know we can’t print funny money out of thin air and pretend that this house of cards won’t come a-tumblin’ down.

Likewise, regardless of our beliefs about God, what’s right-and-wrong, etc., the fact remains that we’re a nation (and world) that’s far from God. We’ve rejected Him and His Absolute Truth and bitten into the devilish lie Satan told Adam and Eve:

“Eat of this fruit and you’ll be as God” he said (Genesis 3:5)—which really means “You’ll be God. Everything will revolve around you. What you believe and say are ‘truth,’ regardless of what others (including God) think or say.”

As someone said “Tell me it ain’t so!”

We know it is! And, we know, as the prophet Hosea said, “We’ve sown to the wind and are now reaping the whirlwind, i.e., the tornado or typhoon” (Hos. 8:7). And, we don’t have anyone to blame but ourselves!

It’s not a Democrat or Republican problem; neither is it a liberal or conservative problem. It’s a “Sin-Problem” and the sooner we realize it—and the only Solution for it—the sooner we’ll see things begin to turn around.

Yes, God’s turned our nation (and world) over to a “reprobate mind” (Romans 1:28), which is a perverse or perverted mind: one that calls “good” evil and evil “good;” in fact, those who believe that not only do what’s wrong without conviction, but also applaud those who join them in it (v.32).

That’s why an increasing number say abortion is okay, as is homosexuality, lesbianism, adultery, believing God messed up when He made someone a male or female, etc. And, this

same deceived, depraved mindset also says “If I don’t like the prophet’s message, I’ll simply kill the prophet.”

Again, as the ‘ole farmer says, “Tell me it ain’t so, Ethel. Tell me it ain’t so.”

But, the fact remains, “It is so, Ethel—or Bob, Henry or Sue.” And, the sooner we realize that, confess and repent of our sins, the sooner we’ll see God turn all of this mess around (II Chronicles 7:14).

So, again, the beginning question is the ending one: “How desperate are we?” But, this time it’s “How desperate are we for God? How desperate are we to see Him move in us, our families, churches, nation, world, etc.?”

I guess that remains to be seen: for, as someone said, “The proof of the puddings in the eating.” And, that’s why we can’t keep on with “business as usual” and playing church where there’s all praise, but no conviction and repentance. The Hour of Decision has come (I Peter 4:17).

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