Stuttgart Schools Deliver Report to Public

by Dawn Teer

Kathy Hopson, Asst. Superintendent/Federal Programs, gave a power point presentation that began with showing the four goals that the district has for the 2022-2023 school year. Those goals are to improve school achievement and learning, have students graduate career or college ready, actively recruit and retain qualified teachers, and expand community partnerships. She congratulated Brian Beard for being named Stuttgart Teacher of the Year. She went over accountability indicators and gave the hours of continuing education each school board member has done.

Hopson went on to present the ACT Aspire test results and other ACT results. Her power point can be found on the district’s website. Hopson gave the good and not so good news around the district as well. There were more good news items because the district has been working hard to improve literacy whether it is in English, Math or Science.

In closing she showed where each school has improved and what they are doing in areas they still need some improvement in.

Following her presentation, the school board went into their regularly scheduled meeting.

That school board meeting began with recognition of students in the student showcase. Mr. Steven Saranie, Meekins Middle School Principal, thanked the board for inviting them to be in the student showcase.

Saranie said, “Everyday at Meekins Middle School we practice being “Ricebird Ready”. This is three things they practice: Being Ready to Learn, Ready to Grow and Ready to be Seen.”

Saranie said they had noticed changes going from middle school to jr. high can be rough on students. They have attended some pep rallies and he noticed the students did not know the Alma Mater. So, he talked with Ms. Schroeder and the students learned the Alma Mater, which they sang for the board.

Neither classified, or certified PPC had anything to come before the board. Superintendent Jeff McKinney asked the principals for their updates.

Matt Euler, PAE Principal, went first reporting on I-ready, reminded everyone of the hamburger supper coming up, as well as Parent-Teacher Conference. He also reported they had a plan for improving the traffic issues on Park Ave.

Saranie then reported on Meekins Middle School, stating that they have tutoring going on and have several clubs starting also. They have had some really great mystery readers lately.

Latara Robinson, SJHS Principal, was next, talking about some of the reading incentives they are doing for the kids. She reported Parent-Teacher Conference would be held the 18th.

Pam Dean, SHS Principal, was next reporting on Homecoming Week, college fairs, and parent-teacher conferences. She reported there will be a Special Olympics event on October 24, and Mr. Tate has said there are 40 kids signed up to help with it.

McKinney told the board they now have a therapist coming from Southeast Behavioral Clinic to help students. He thanked Nikki Hawkins for her help with that. He announced the Community Pep Rally on Friday on the field. He had one resignation to recommend and one hire to recommend to the board. They were both approved. He then said they needed to vote on a delegate to the ASBA. Sharon Konecny was nominated and elected to be that person. It was approved.

There were some pre-k amendments to be approved to the handbook. These were approved. They also accepted two students for legal transfer. They approved the meeting minutes, consent agenda, with corrections, and the financial statements next. With no more business the meeting was adjourned.