“Pilgrim Reflections” - “The Good ‘Ole Days”

August 17, 2022

I sure miss them.

“The Good ‘Ole Days.”

Yes, I guess I’m showing my age and tendency to be more nostalgic these days; but, that’s okay, isn’t it? Yes, it is—so long as I don’t live there all the time and withdraw from the world by choosing to live in the past instead of the present.

Growing older chronologically isn’t something we plan or program; you just keep taking one breath after another and you’ll get there.

But, it’s when our minds and spirits grow old. . .when we spend more time reflecting and regretting. . .than we do rejoicing. . .that we’ve got a problem.

When I was younger, I looked forward to getting older, wiser and more respected; but, now that the first part’s happened, it seems the latter two are lacking.

Yes, getting more years under our belt and more gray hair on our head (if we have any hair) isn’t proof that we’re wiser. And, sadly, the older we get, the more we realize the younger generation doesn’t really care much about our past accomplishments or sage insights.

No, in reality, they’re just like we were at their age: preoccupied on getting ahead. . . “being somebody”. . . “strutting their stuff”. . .and “making a name for themselves.”

So, let’s be slow in criticizing them for wanting to spend more time on their IPhone or IPad than we do with us—although it would be nice if they put it down and said “Tell me what it was like back in ‘the Good, ‘Ole Days’.”

Why, we’d probably have a heart attack, stare in disbelief or jump up and start doing some type of giddy jig (if our aching, arthritic joints would let us) if they did!!

No, I still yearn for the “Good ‘Ole Days:”

The days when men still opened doors for women. . .and the women weren’t offended. . . when children were seen, but not heard. . .when families sat down to a meal together. . .when they attended worship together. . .actually knew the songs that were being sung. . .and the preacher actually preached like he believed what he was preaching. . .as he passionately pointed people to Christ. . .talked of the joys of Heaven. . .and the horrors of hell.

Yes, those were the “Good ‘Ole Days.”

That time so long ago when the pastor never ate at home on Sundays because some of the members invited him to their house for some mashed potatoes, gravy and the Baptist Bird (fried chicken)—with apple pie and homemade ice cream for dessert.

Do you remember those days?

I sure do and I miss them.

Are they gone forever? Yes and no.

Yes, those days of sitting on the front porch on Sunday afternoons, sippin’ sweet tea out of a mason jar and actually TALKING with a neighbor are over; but, we can still create some new “Good ‘Ole Days” by intentionally setting aside time at home to talk.

You know: face-to-face. . .with no IPhones, IPads, televisions or internet connections. . . on to distract us.

That’s almost a scary thought nowadays, isn’t it?

Yes, but we’d all be better off if we make that a priority in our lives, families and even our churches.

Folks aren’t needing to be entertained when they come to church; they’re needing to encounter the living God. They’re needing fellowship with other believers so they won’t feel so all alone in their struggles and fears.

Above all, they need to know that God’s still around. . .loves and will forgive them. . . knows what they’re going through. . .and will give them the Grace and Strength they need to face today and tomorrow.

That’s the “Good ‘Ole Days” I remember.

Here’s praying we’ll recapture them and recreate them in today’s generation: for, believe it or not, they still need us and we still need them. And, above all, we need an enduring and eternal Faith in God that’ll sustain us when everything’s falling apart. Help us, O Lord.

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