“Pilgrim Reflections” - “For Such A Time As This”

July 27, 2022

If there was ever a time, it’s now.

And, if there was ever one to do it, it’s you and me.

Yes, just as Mordecai told Esther, his second cousin, that she needed to speak to Ahasuerus (Xerxes), the king, lest all of the Jews (including her) would be killed (Esther 4:13-14), so do all God-fearing, America-loving patriots need to stand-up-and-be-counted.

In Esther’s case, the enemy was Haman, the egotistical, self-centered, proud man whom Ahasuerus had made second-in-command in the Persian kingdom (Esth. 3:1). When Mordecai, a Jew, refused to bow down to him, it enraged him and he concocted a plan to kill all the Jews, starting with Mordecai (vv.2-15; 5:9-14).

Mordecai let Esther know what was going on, but she was hesitant to approach her husband without first being summons: for those who did would be executed (4:11).

But, it was at that point that Mordecai reminded her of what would happen if she didn’t intervene; then he added “Could it be that God has placed you on the throne for such a time as this??” (v.14b).

And, after praying and fasting for three days, Esther decided to risk approaching the king—and said “If I die, I die” (v.16).

Yes, she knew her failure to act would certainly mean the extermination of the Jews; so, it was better having courage and try to intervene instead of sitting idly by and doing nothing.

In reality, the same is true here in America, dear Reader.

While it’s true we’re a polarized nation, equally divided on every issue under the sun, the fact remains that we who love this country and all she stands for. . .especially those who kneel at the Cross. . .and stand tall while pledging allegiance to the flag and singing the National Anthem . . .cannot sit idly by and do nothing. . . when we see our nation being destroyed from within. . . by those who hate everything America stands for.

That’s why we should denounce and oppose those who hold these views:

*That we should defund the police (which is both insanity and anarchy)

*That Critical Race Theory (CRT) should be taught in our public schools

*That drag queens should be allowed in our schools and public libraries to read books to our small children

*That God made a mistake in making us biological males and females or decreeing that marriage should be between a biological man and woman

*That our national, state and local leaders should actively seek to codify laws that oppose rulings that the Supreme Court has made (e.g., the overthrow of Roe vs. Wade)

*That we should coddle and cater to governments that are known terrorists and engage in wholesale violation of human rights

*That we shouldn’t live within our means financially (like individuals and families strive to do) and waste billions of dollars on worthless projects while the poor in our nation suffer

*That we should open our borders to everyone and violate our own immigration laws

And, the list goes on and on and on.

There’s no doubt that God is raining down Judgment on the United States right now in the form of natural calamities: like the forest fires out west, drought and famine, pestilences and epidemics like COVID and Monkey Pox, etc.

And, it’s only going to get worse if we sit idly by, do and say nothing.

I’m not calling for a repeat performance of what happened on January 6; that was wrong, regardless of what we think about it.

No, I’m talking about our standing-up-and-being-counted by letting our voices be heard. Write letters or emails to your senators and representatives. Support the ones who uphold the God-given views-and-values that made this country great—and get rid of the ones who don’t when you go to the ballot box.

But, above all, pray. Pray like you’ve never prayed before. And, heed God’s Prescription for forgiving and healing America found in II Chronicles 7:14.

It’s now or never. Be courageous “for such a time as this”—not worrying what will happen when you are. Help us, O God.

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