Bryan Hancock School Board Candidate

by Dawn Teer

In addition to the Candidate Forum that was presented by the Stuttgart Chamber of Commerce and Southeast Arkansas Broadcasters, the DeWitt Era-Enterprise wanted to help inform the public about the candidates. After putting together several questions, they were submitted to all candidates.

1)Please list your name and the ward you are running for.

Bryan Hancock Stuttgart School Board Zone 2

2)What made you want to throw your hat in?

The students coming out of this district are our future employees. I jumped in a few years ago to give back to the community that was so good to our family.

3)How do you feel you can move our school board forward?

In the last few years, we have made some very good decisions on the board that have already started changing the district both financially and academically. I plan on continuing to support the district in making positive changes.

4)What do you feel are issues facing the school district? How do you propose to help solve them?

We have a great district and we have a great community. What is going to be needed is to continue to upgrade our buildings that have been neglected. What I mean by neglected is not that we haven’t kept them up, it is that we have not set a plan in place to fund what needs to be done. There will need to be support from our community to upgrade the remaining buildings and facilities.

5)What do you feel is the responsibility of the school board?

The list is long, and you can google these answers. I feel the most important is being able to understand the financial aspect. Supporting our district, making sure the spending is within budget, planned properly, and making sure that our superintendent is performing up to the standards of the district.

6)Do you have children in the district? If so, where do they attend?

I currently do not have any kids in the district. Not having a kid in the district allows me to not have a 1 sided solution that benefits my family. I have had 2 kids that attended the Stuttgart School system in the past.

7)Can you be fair to all children?

Having a company with 90 plus employees, I have to think about how my decisions affect all of them. However, I do know that my decisions may not make everyone happy and will not be liked by all.

8)What strengths will you bring to the board, if elected?

The school district is a business. After 20 years of managing or owning a business, I have accumulated the knowledge to help make proper decisions for the district.

9)Can you set personal feelings aside and work for the district as a whole?

As I mentioned before, I do not have a child in the district so any decisions I make will not be made with personal feelings.

10)Why should voters elect you?

We have just hired a very fine Superintendent that will start this next year. Having experience on the board is needed to make sure the district keeps its direction moving in a positive direction.