Notice from DeWitt Mayor on COVID-19

August 12, 2021

To: The Citizens of DeWitt

From: Mayor Jimmy Black

I received a letter from our Hospital Administrator, Brian Miller, last Friday that I would like to share with you. It has to do with the Covid crisis that is going on right here in DeWitt.

But before I do, I would like to thank those that have been vaccinated and I wish those of you that are not vaccinated would please do so. I realize that there is a lot of distrust among some of our citizens about what our government is putting out there with regards to the Covid Vaccine. What I would ask you to consider is this; to listen to the professionals that you have known and trusted with your health care for years, rather than listening to folks that got their information from social media.

It is baffling to me, that for years we have done what our own health care professionals have suggested but now, suddenly, some of you don't believe them. Why is that? Does that seem reasonable to you?

What has changed in the last 6 months that now cause you to doubt the judgement of your health care providers, family members and friends that have been there for you for years? Take the advice of the people that love you and have been there for you. Hopefully that advice will be to get vaccinated. Now to the letter dated August 5, 2021, from Mr. Miller Dewitt Hospital CEO.

Here are some of the facts that need to be shared with the residents of DeWitt and surrounding communities. Today, as of Aug. 5th, there are no ICU beds available in Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, or Texas. Jefferson Regional Medical Center has 4 patients in their ER on ventilators waiting for an ICU room. This is the case at several hospitals across the state and Dewitt Hospital is no exception. Last week there were several patients flown out of DeWitt Hospital and several transferred by ambulance to locations in and out of the state. Today, 87% of all patients in DeWitt Hospital are COVID positive. The ER has been overrun in the last two weeks. Every hospital has staffing issues that put a great strain on the employees they do have. Make no mistake about it the United States, Arkansas, and DeWitt are in an emergent situation. Numbers show that 97% of COVID hospital patients are unvaccinated and that number is higher in DeWitt. This is REAL and the answer is VACCINATIONS. They are readily available. There are staff at Dewitt Hospital, all physician offices and clinics, pharmacies and the health department that can answer any questions concerning the vaccines. The decision to vaccinate or not effects more than just the individual making the decision. Co-workers, church members, family members, friends, loved ones and even strangers are put at a higher risk by the unvaccinated. Young, middle-aged and the elderly are all at risk with the new variant. There are many residents of DeWitt whose lives have been changed by COVID and I hope, in time, they will tell their stories. Finally, we urge you individually to help protect yourselves and everyone around you by getting vaccinated. Let's band together as a community.