Stuttgart Doctors Set Up Drive-Thru Clinic

by Eplunus Colvin

In the wake of COVID-19 and the widespread coronavirus in neighboring counties, Baptist Health Stuttgart Medical Clinic doctors have set up a drive-thru triage screening area in the parking lot of the clinic at 1609 N Medical Plaza, Stuttgart, AR 72160.

Until further notice, if you have an appointment at the clinic, experiencing a fever, body aches, shortness of breath and cough you will be directed through the drive-thru screening process.

According to Dr. Kirk Coker of Baptist Health Stuttgart Medical Clinic, everyone coming to the clinic will be screened and have their temperature checked. If you have an appointment, after you have been screened, you will be directed to the well-patient parking lot. From there you may proceed to go inside for your scheduled appointment.

During the screening process, questions will be asked that may result in being tested for flu/strep if you meet certain criteria.

Depending on your symptoms, possible exposure history, and test results from the flu/strep screening you may be tested for COVID-19 (novel coronavirus).

If you are tested for COVID-19, test results are not immediate and until your test results are received, it is important to the community that you self-quarantine at home. Results can take up to 7 days.

If you are tested for the flu, you will be given the option to park and wait in your car for results or go home with a follow-up phone call.

This process is designed to quickly and safely screen people with cough, fever, shortness of breath, flu or COVID-19.

If you are experiencing those symptoms, according to the Arkansas Department of Health, do not go to the emergency room, instead call your physician for further guidance.

According to Dr. Coker, this is not a community event screening. This is exclusively for patients who have a fever of at least 100.4 degrees and respiratory symptoms including cough or shortness of breath and have either traveled to a high-risk area or had contact with a known patient. 

To speed up the process, it is requested you call the medical clinic at (870) 673-7211 before your arrival. The Baptist Health Stuttgart Medical Clinic operates Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.