Grand Prairie Quilt Society Cancels April Meeting

April 08, 2020

The Grand Prairie Quilt Society will not meet on April 8, 2020.  Here is a photo of the ShopKins quilt top Maeola finished at a previous Stitching Circle at the Plantation Agriculture Museum.  

Here also is a little quilt essay by Jane Kirkpatrick from "A Burden Shared." 

"A winter wind whipped past her through the parlor door.  Before her, women sat and stitched.  Their worn and wrinkled fingers pulled together pieces of her past cut into little squares: a child's worn dress, a bedroom curtain, a flowered tablecloth (with the berry stain her husband made one holiday cut out and now discarded).  Dozens of memories they patched together.

That day the women did the final stitching, making perfect edges then tying the tiny strings to keep the stuffing behind each quilted piece.  They sewed the single-colored backing down.  The comforter, completed, would keep her warm through winter's winds.

What comforts are the memories, the patches that mark the past and then are held together with the stitching hands of friends placed over solid backing.  Surrounded by the fondness, we recall the memories, let them nourish us, keep us warm, and give us much needed sleep; knowing in the morning we can set aside the quilt, rested, still wrapped in comfort.

In these difficult days, I give my comforter to you.  May the memories you wish to savor wrap themselves around you, stitched together by the hands of friends

The next scheduled meeting will be a sit'n sew on May 13 at First Christian Church from 9:00 - 3:00.